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Susan Choi’s My Education


“Susan Choi’s fourth novel, ‘My Education,’ is a tricky book to categorize. On the one hand, it’s a campus novel, narrated by Regina Gottlieb, a graduate student in literature who falls under the sway of a charismatic professor and his wife at a university a lot like Cornell in the early 1990s. At the same time, this is just the background against which the larger story unfolds.”



June 27, 2013 – L.A. Times

Susan Choi is flirting with disaster–and love–in her new novel by David L. Ulin

More than just a baseball novel — The Art of Fielding (2011) by Chad Harbach

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“This good-enough undergraduate institution is filled with truly good people: a deeply literary president who is personally admirable, even though he has fallen in love with a student; a gruff chef in charge of dining services who is committed to cooking actually good food; a brilliant, gay, mixed-race roommate who takes his hick of a straight roommate shopping for more socially acceptable jeans; a baseball team captain who is a genuine leader of men, and so on.”


DSC01362Chad Harbach @ Internationales literaturfestival 2012      Chad Harbach @ internationales literaturfestival berlin 2012